About us


“Region, Environment, Culture” is an interdisciplinary research group founded in 2007 by Transylvanian scholars researching at the Sapientia – Hungarian University of Transylvania, in order to promote an integrated approach to social, economic and cultural issues, with a highlight on Romania’s Transylvania region.

The Region, Environment, Culture Research Group is affiliated to the Action Research Network built by the Association for Progressive Communications.

Our aim is to be part of broad and flexible research programs that enable a productive dialogue between scholars and practitioners. Reconnecting social theory and social practice is a strong priority both on the research and on the social development agenda.

Members of the group are:

BAKÓ Rozália Klára, PhD, Sociologist, (coordinator)
FERENCZ Angéla, PhD candidate, Communication Studies
NISTOR Laura, PhD, Sociologist
PÉTER Pál, PhD candidate, Geographer
SÓLYOM Andrea, PhD candidate, Sociologist
VARRÓ Éva, PhD, Psychologist