Submission guidelines


Papers ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 words, approaching general topics (for the Studium section), specific issues (for the Focus section), or book/article reviews (for the Libri section) are required to be submitted in .odt, .doc or .docx A4 size, double spaced, without any formatting. Titles and subtitles should be numbered, whereas subsections of subtitles, if any, should be marked with letters (a, b, c,…). Under the paper title author(s)’ name, affiliation and e-mail should follow, and an abstract of 150-200 words with 4-5 keywords.

Reconect uses the referencing system of the Hungarian sociological review Szociológiai Szemle:

– in-text citations: (Erdei 2009), or (Erdei 2009: 47) if quoted; for two authors (Erdei–Wolf 2008), and for more than two authors (Erdei et al. 2010).

– institutional authors, while cited with abbreviations (OECD 2007: 38), should be spelled out at the References section of the article: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (2007): Report on Poverty. [online]

– references should be listed alphabetically at the end of the article. Although footnotes are also permitted, we encourage the use of in-text citations. Footnotes should be used for additional information related to body text.

Jones, Jay (2007): Social Change. London: Arrow
Simon, James–March, John (2009): Organizations. Chicago: Raw Press
For more than four authors:
Cobbs, Michael et al. (2001): Economy and Society. London: Arrow

Chapter in a book:
Meyer, Elisabeth (2008): Youth Culture. In: Elias, Martha–Frank, Alex (Eds.) Cultural Studies. Chicago: Raw Press, 345–359.

Article in a journal:
Meyer, Elisabeth (2009): Speech and Society. Discourse Studies, 12(3): 45–67.
meaning: volume 12(number 3)

When the author is an organization:
United Nations (UN) (2004): Report on Education. New York: United Nation’s Development Programme

Online resources:
Franklin, Anne (2009): Environmental Concern. The Teaching Helpline [online]